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Thursday, September 20, 2007

PeerClip - Social Bookmarking for Doctors

I got an email from Scott McQuigg, CEO of PeerClip today morning that they are going to launch a social bookmarking tool exclusively for Doctors at the Health 2.0 conference in San Francisco (9/20). Scott McQuigg is a respected healthcare information industry veteran.

From PeerClip website

A simple online tool that enables physicians to organize, share, discuss and discover relevant medical information.

Using PeerClip’s “research assistant” tool that integrates easily into any Web browser, physicians can “bookmark” any type content, including journal articles, blogs, podcasts and videos. Bookmarks are conveniently stored online for easy access in a central location, creating a personal homepage of relevant medical information. Physicians also can organize, keyword tag, rate and share bookmarks.

The PeerClip “research assistant” also provides physicians with at-a-glance information on articles that their peers have tagged and rated as useful. The combined ratings and tagging of all physicians helps the PeerClip member quickly find the information he or she is looking for. Additionally, the PeerClip “research assistant” also recommends other relevant information based on the member’s profile and interests. The simple act of member participation guides the recommendations as well as the member’s discovery while browsing.

Physicians also can invite peers to join the network as well as create personal online peer networks in order to track future bookmarks and comments by peers or Key Opinion Leaders across the PeerClip community.

Here is a quick snapshot of how PeerClip works:

1) Using PeerClip, physicians can click a button in their browser tool bar to store their favorite online articles, blog postings, podcasts and videos on a personal home page for easy future reference.
2) Physicians can also view bookmarks, comments and ratings on content their peers have bookmarked in PeerClip.

I will drop more comments as and when I receive the beta invitation.

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william said...

The volume of online content targeted at doctors is growing exponentially and includes everything from vertical search, care forums and audio files, to video postings, journal articles, blogs and CME. Yet, with health 2.0 ready to become health 3.0, physicians still don't have a tool that helps them aggregate all of this information in one location…easily.
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