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Wednesday, June 6, 2007

How Color Blinded People See the World Wide Web

I am just surfing the colorful world wide web and thought how a color blinded person see this web.

Color blinded people cannot tell the difference between certain colors that normal people differentiate.

I am using www.kify.com as example to show you the world of a color blinded person.

Normal Eye - No Color Blindness

2) Protanopia
- Complete absence of red retinal receptors

3) Deuteranopia
- Complete absence of green retinal receptors

4) Tritanopia
- Complete absence of blue retinal receptors

5) Protanomaly
- deficiency of red retinal receptors

6) Deuteranomaly
- deficiency of green retinal receptors

7) Tritanomaly
- deficiency of blue retinal receptors

I published this article previously on Doctor Forum. I am republishing this on my blog so that I can archive all my articles in my blog.

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