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Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Free Live Web Conferencing

Vyew is a web 2.0 service which will help people to do free web conferencing. This seems to be interesting as it brings a new dimension to online collaboration. It offers a quick and easy way to get people online to facilitate a discussion. Here is the product review exercept from its website.

Vyew is a next-generation online collaboration and web conferencing service that brings people and content together. With Vyew you can host LIVE conferences and work collaboratively on content asynchronously over time, ANYTIME.

Inside Vyew you can author new content and collaborate with PowerPoint, Word, Excel, and PDF files, plus audio, video and images. You can also stream live or capture what’s showing on your desktop. Built-in text chat and FREE teleconferencing make live collaboration sessions highly productive.

Content in Vyew is automatically saved in "VyewBooks". VyewBooks can be shared in real-time or left ‘Always On’ for collaborators to review, edit or comment on anytime – even when you're not present. You can also publish read-only versions of your VyewBooks anywhere on the web! You can create multiple VyewBooks - saving them by topic, version or audience - and invite select persons to specific VyewBooks. VyewBooks can be switched between on-demand, and it's easy to track activity within your VyewBooks over time.

Vyew works in under 10 seconds and is entirely web-based. There's no software to download and install – all you need is a Web browser and the free Flash plug-in which most computers already have. And Vyew is FREE to use as long as you like – there’s no limited time trial period. Simply register for FREE and you’ll be given immediate access to Vyew’s rich shared workspace and tools.


Jonah said...

Hi Dr. Karuturi,

This sounds interesting. We've been using the web collaboration service from Yugma and it has been a very positive experience. We have a combination of Mac and Windows machines at our offices and Yugma has worked without a hitch on any of the systems. We started with their free version and soon upgraded to the Premium service and features once we were convinced of its reliability and security. So far, it has exceeded our expectations.

Anonymous said...

Ya, Yugma seems to be promising.

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