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Monday, December 29, 2008

Cardiology Social Network

Just imagine a group of monkeys. Monkeys can learn only from their parents and other group members. They can’t learn from other monkeys on another hill or another side of the world. They have to devise their own method of peeling a banana every generation. Cardiologists using tools like Cardiology Network can communicate, share and learn cardiology knowledge by interacting with Cardiologists on the other side of the World.

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CardiologyNetwork.com is an exclusive next generation social networking service for Cardiologists, Physicians, Medical Students who are interested in Cardiology and for all people who are related to the field of Cardiology. CardiologyNetwork.com social network can help you maintain existing personal and professional relationships and establish new ones by reaching out to Cardiologists you've never met before. Relationships and Connections are very important to advance your career in Cardiology. Cardiology Network helps you to create, manage and expand your social network in the field of Cardiology. At Cardiology Network.com, Cardiologists exchange clinical experiences, review their cases and share clinical knowledge. You can immensely benefit from the collective knowledge of Cardiology Network members.


CardiologyNetwork.com's mission is

1. To provide a online platform for cardiologists to develop professional and personal relationships.

2. To provide online infrastructure for cardiologists to create, manage and expand their social network in the field of Cardiology.

3. To provide online technical infrastructure for cardiologists to share their clinical cases, images, videos and cardiology knowledge.

4. To be the leading source of educational and scientific research information for cardiologists, allowing them to advance their skills and stay current with new innovations in the field.

5. To provide a technical infrastructure that can be shared by cardiologist organizations to support information exchange, collaboration, and administration.

6. To provide an optimal and richly interlinked platform for the major online journals.

7. To provide a resource through which companies can inform and gain feedback from cardiologists regarding products and services.

8. To be the global leader in providing online education in cardiology and in promoting competence of cardiologists to enable the highest possible levels of safety and quality of care.


CardiologyNetwork.com provides value to a number of audiences:

1. For cardiologists, it is an online community that provides easy access to colleagues, personalized applications, professional networking and potentially a number of new educational and professional development resources.

2. For professional organizations, it is a mechanism for sharing costs for a common information technology infrastructure that supports individual organizational activities, member communications.

3. For journal editors and publishers, it is a unified view of the cardiology literature with rich interlinking and seamless access to entitled resources.

4. For industry, it is an efficient mechanism for communicating new product information and gathering feedback from cardiologists.

5. For the web reader, CardiologyNetwork.com is a portal that facilitates easy access to a wide range of informational and educational resources.


At CardiologyNetwork.com , you can

  • Establish new personal or professional connections with Cardiologists from all around the world

  • Keep in touch with your friends, classmates and colleagues

  • Discuss, challenge, corroborate and share interesting clinical cases with Cardiologists from all around the world

  • Unlimited space to store your clinical images and videos

  • Upload photos, videos of interesting clinical cases in your practice and get immediate feedback from the Cardiologist community

  • Exchange private messages with Cardiologists from other side of the world

  • Find people who share your hobbies, interests and thoughts. After all life is all about meeting like minded people Search for a Job

  • Share your research ideas and get new team members for your research project

  • Exchange medical conference information and journal articles with Cardiologists from other side of the world

  • Start and administer your own group for your practice, medical school or research area

  • Share your thoughts, medical knowledge, personal and clinical experiences by starting your own blog

  • Discuss the latest topics, emerging trends and new insights in Cardiology

  • Review the latest drugs and devices on the market

  • Have your own customized profile page

  • Add some gadgets to your personal page

  • Find another Cardiologist of your expertise who can help you with job search or a challenging case

  • You can apply the collective knowledge you gain here to improve the lives of your patients

CardiologyNetwork.com will most rapidly flourish and expand as new Cardiologists join this site. Please spread the word and invite a fellow Cardiologist. As of now, with the help of our loving members, CardiologyNetwork.com is growing like a weed. You can drop your suggestions and comments here.

To wrest from nature the secrets which have perplexed philosophers in all ages, to track to their sources the causes of disease, to correlate the vast stores of knowledge, that they may be quickly available for the prevention and cure of disease—these are our ambitions. (William Osler)

CardiologyNetwork.com is free and it takes a minute to signup. Join Now!

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