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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Diabetes Social Network

DiabetesGroup.ORG is a health based social network of Diabetics sharing their Diabetes experiences, treatment options, knowledge and giving support to other people suffering from Diabetes. Its a place to talk about how to live well with Diabetes, ask questions, share information about what is working for you, get sympathy, exchange ideas, request and recommend the best doctors, support and friendship from other patients suffering from Diabetes. You can also talk about what drugs, herbs, supplements and alternative methods work. When you share your Diabetes Experiences on DiabetesGroup.ORG, it makes you feel a little less alone. By sharing your Diabetes experiences, you can help others and improve their quality of life. DiabetesGroup.ORG Support Groups help you to overcome Diabetes by networking with people all around the world who have Diabetes. Even volunteers, caregivers and medical professionals can join and throw a helpful advice and cheer up a fellow human being. DiabetesGroup.ORG is just a hub connecting people from all around the world to share their Diabetes experiences and seek help.

Diabetes Group Mission : DiabetesGroup.ORG provides a palpable platform for Diabetics to network and help each other to achieve a better health and a quality life.

DiabetesGroup.ORG is supported by Kify Foundation.

By joining DiabetesGroup.ORG, you can write a new chapter in your Health Life. Join Now!

At DiabetesGroup.ORG you can

Spread the Word

The more people use DiabetesGroup.ORG - the better it gets. You can spread the word about DiabetesGroup.ORG and improve the quality of lives of numerous people suffering from Diabetes.

  • Please invite your family and friends
  • Please give a word-of-mouth publicity about DiabetesGroup.ORG. Tell people about how DiabetesGroup.ORG can change their lives.
  • If you have a website or a profile on Myspace, Facebook, Orkut or any web page, please link to DiabetesGroup.ORG and make it easy for people to find it. You can find the badges here.
  • If you run a blog, please write about DiabetesGroup.ORG
  • If you are a member of an internet forum, please do tell others about this website. You can also add a forum signature with a link to DiabetesGroup.ORG
  • You can add an email signature linking to DiabetesGroup.ORG
  • If you are from press, please write an article about DiabetesGroup.ORG so that more people can be befitted from this website.

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