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Friday, November 9, 2007

Doctor World.NET Jobs

Doctor World.NET Job Board connects its millions of users all around Doctor World Network with the hospitals looking for the brightest minds. When you post a job to the Doctor World.NET Job Board, it is automatically cross promoted to all sites within the Doctor World Network. More than that, Doctor World.NET Job Board offers free job listings for employers.

If you are an employer looking for the smartest and most innovative doctor, people who are one step ahead of the rest - then you will find those people in the Doctor World Network.

Post a job listing now at http://jobs.doctorworld.net/post

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Praveen KS said...

Hello dear Karuturi, i have been watching your acivities for long time.. I am a doctor from Kerala ...I am also very much interested in webDesigning , developing , computre graphics , photography...I ve done my MBBS at Govt Medical College , Alappuzha, Kerala...During my house surgeocy ( in 2002) i ve created a site for ur college www.tdmedicos.com .From that period i ve been watching ur Kify activities and Guntur Med college sites...Simply Great work U r doing... i am so jealous of u my dear friend... I ve completed Diploma in Pediatrics from Govt Med College , trivandrum, Kerala www.sathospital.org (site i created for our Ped hospital) .. Now am wrking in Govt Sector in Kerala ...Wat u doing now? i mean ur studies? Best wishes on all ur acivities........byee ....god bless u.....Dr.Praveen.K.S

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