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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Top 10 Richest Americans

Here is the Top 10 Richest Americans list from Forbes.

Rank Name Net Worth ($bil) Age Residence Source
1 William Gates III 59.0 51 Medina, WA Microsoft
2 Warren Buffett 52.0 77 Omaha, NE Berkshire Hathaway
3 Sheldon Adelson 28.0 74 Las Vegas, NV casinos, hotels
4 Lawrence Ellison 26.0 63 Redwood City, CA Oracle
5 Sergey Brin 18.5 34 Palo Alto, CA Google
5 Larry Page 18.5 34 San Francisco, CA Google
7 Kirk Kerkorian 18.0 90 Los Angeles, CA investments, casinos
8 Michael Dell 17.2 42 Austin, TX Dell
9 Charles Koch 17.0 71 Wichita, KS oil, commodities
9 David Koch 17.0 67 New York, NY oil, commodities

Google Founders climbed to the 5th spot.

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