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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Free Linux Courses

Free Linux Courses by Eric D. Schabell

This course is designed to guide inexperienced users through their first steps into the wonderful (and stable) world of Linux. This process should be as painless as possible and this course covers all the necessary information that a new user needs to start the journey to a place here “reboot” just isn’t the standard solution! This course leads the new user through the history of Linux, through the preparations leading up to an actual installation, the installation of Red Hat and/or SuSE Linux, followed by a tour through the most used commands and the common tools a user needs to understand within the Linux environment. The course continues with a tour of the tandard paths users can follow to find information about their Linux systems. In closing the course will take the student through a kernel compilation and present a short overview of the more well known services used in Linux solutions today.

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