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Friday, March 23, 2007


TrueSwitch helps you to switch email accounts with ease.

TrueSwitch is a service that provides you assistance with switching Internet Service Providers (ISPs) or email accounts. Many users have felt "trapped" by their existing ISP because they have all their personal information stored in a proprietary application (e.g., AOL, CompuServe, Earthlink, MSN, etc.), their friends all know their email address, or simply because canceling the old account is such a hassle. No more!

TrueSwitch offers you an easy, fast and simple way to switch to your new ISP or email account. TrueSwitch automatically copies your personal data to your new account, notifies your friends with the new email address and forwards any e-mails arriving at their old e-mail addresses. The five major functional components of TrueSwitch are:

1. Personal Data Copying. You have the option to request that TrueSwitch copy your personal data (e.g., address book, calendar, stored emails, favorites, etc.) from your old Internet account to your new Internet account.

2. Notify Your Contacts. You have the option to request that TrueSwitch notify contacts in your address book of (i) the change in email address, and (ii) updated personal contact information (e.g., home address, phone numbers, etc.).

If you select the 'Notify Your Contacts' option, TrueSwitch generates a change of email notification ("Change of Address Notification") and emails it to all the contacts in your address book. If you choose the "Express Switching" option in the Software, all entries in your address book with a valid email address will be sent a Change of Address Notification. If you prefer not to use this feature, or to choose which contacts to notify, please select the "Custom Switching" option when using the Software.

If you select the 'Update Your Contact Information' option, TrueSwitch generates a message containing your contact information ("Update Contact Information Notification") and emails it to all the contacts in your address book. Each Update Contact Information Notification also provides the recipient with the information pertaining to that individual from your address book. The Update Contact Information Notification requests the recipient to update his / her records with your latest information, and also to update / confirm the accuracy of the contact information for the recipient from your address book.

3. Instant Messaging ('IM") Switching. If you select the 'IM Switching' option, TrueSwitch generates a message containing your old and new IM screen names ("Update IM Notification") and instant messages it to all the screen names in your IM contact list (also referred to as your Buddy List® directory on AOL Instant MessengerT).

4. Email Forwarding. You have the option to request that TrueSwitch check your old Internet account at your old ISP and forward any new emails to your new Internet account. This feature will only work while both your old and new Internet accounts remain active and provided that you do not change the password to your old account after initiating a request for email forwarding.

5. Account Cancellation. You have the option to request that TrueSwitch send you a reminder message to the TrueAssistant Message Center to cancel your old account. For certain ISPs that support cancellation by email or fax, TrueSwitch can also collect the necessary account information and automatically send an email or fax on your behalf requesting that your old Internet account be cancelled. Esaya does not guarantee the cancellation of the old account, as ISPs may change their cancellation policies without notice. You are responsible for canceling your old Internet account to avoid incurring any additional charges.

Additional information on the functional components within TrueSwitch is available at www.trueswitch.com

To initiate your use of TrueSwitch, you need to click on the "Get Started" or "Download Now" buttons on the Website. This will install the TrueSwitch Wizard Software that will guide you through the steps to switch your ISP or email account.

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